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Didier Ben Loulou
Al otro lado, Curator Olivia Maria Rubio
Didier Ben Loulou/ Matei Glass/ Michal Rovner/ Efrat Shvily The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis can be seen as an example in which the relationship with the other adopts its most terrible form: hatred. This exhibition places the issue in a more universal context and reports on an attitude that rebels against annihilation as a response. Four artists of Jewish origin -two living in Jerusalem and two in the diaspora- deal with the need to look directly at the other and reflect on the difficulties of understanding. Upon returning to her city of birth in 1989, Efrat Shvily (Jerusalem 1955) photographed the new settlements on the West Bank and inside Israel. With “Palestinian Cabinet Ministers” (2000), she took part in the “etablishment” of the Palestinian State by officially photographing its ministers. Michal Rovner (Tel Aviv, 1957), who has lived in New York since 1987, reflects her roots while evoking universal concerns, and creates works imbued with a rich, complex ambiguity. Since his arrival in Jerusalem in 1993, Didier Ben Loulou (Paris,1958) has sought to decipher the enigma of the looks marked by wounds, silence, and terror in the faces of this city. The son of Romanian Jewish refugees, Matei Glass (Montreal, 1956) who now lives in Barcelona, used his project ”El otro en Palestina” ( The Other in Palestine) to answer his need to redefine a people whose history and fate had been unknown to him.
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