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Didier Ben Loulou
Gil Goldfine, The Jerusalem Post Magazine, 1983

French born Didier Ben Loulou immigrated to Israel last year. In his first one man show he exhibits a most sensitive portfolio of softly coloured, square-format photographs. One section illuminates French seascapes while a second documents architectural street scenes of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Ben Loulou matches a poetic feeling for atmosphere and chromatic affects with an eye for documenting reality.

His picture of beach, sky and water reveal an impressionnic source and one print perfectly echoes Boudin. Views of the local streets are filled with balanced elements, a brooding arrangement of light and shadow and muted, alluring earth tones. In order to maintain a particular standart for himself and for the viewer to sound judgement, Ben Loulou has kept all his bromides the same size, enlarging nothing for impact or callous expressionism.

Curator of the exhibition Eyal Onne. ( Gallery of Photographic Art, 19 Frichman, Tel Aviv) Till July 27.

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